Happily, today I am host to Vrinda Pendred, Founding Director/Editor of Conditional Publications, a new independent publisher dedicated solely to publishing the works of authors with neurological conditions. Their first book ‘Check Mates’ comes out on May 11,2010.

Vrinda Pendred

Yesterday Vrinda stopped buy Caron Goode’s blog and if you missed it you can go here – http://wp.me/p6fxg-bm

This is the third day of a 14-day Book Tour.  Through Vrinda, I learned a great deal about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. It was very revealing about what it is like to live with and manage the challenges through daily life with partners, parents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  After reading this interview, if you are as excited as I am, sign up for the book launch reminder so you can purchase Check Mates.  You will receive over 30 free personal development gifts on May 11,2010. To register, go to: http://conditionalpublications.com/pages/check-mates-launch.html

How does OCD affect you as a marriage partner and how does your OCD affect your partner?

I went through a year of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for my OCD, training me out of a lot of the more obvious obsessions, like checking rituals and realignment of objects, etc. However, there are more internal obsessions – the aspect of OCD that gets called ‘Pure O’ (obsessive ruminations) – and these are what afflict me most, these days. And yes, this does sometimes affect my relationship with my husband. If I get an idea stuck in my head and can’t move beyond it, I feel a need to discuss it until I’ve exhausted it out of my system, even if it means neither of us gets any sleep – which of course doesn’t make my husband very happy! Sometimes I need reassurance about things, which can be draining on him, because with OCD it seems no amount of reassurance is enough; your brain makes you doubt even things you are 100% certain about. And I must admit that I haven’t yet found a way to fight off the anxiety I feel over an untidy house – which is not easy when you have a small child! Normal things like a shoe not in the right place, a toy in the kitchen, etc. will make me feel about ready to scream – and sadly sometimes I have got very angry about it, only later realizing it was the OCD that was the bigger issue, NOT the normal family household clutter. These things make me think I must sometimes be difficult to live with, as a wife and mother. My husband understands, though, and has been remarkably patient with me, and together I feel we’ve been learning from each other like any other couple, OCD or not.

How did you, Vrinda, manage to be so successful and so wise while steering your life through OCD?

I would say it’s probably a case of being incredibly stubborn! When I want something, I don’t stop until I get it, which has included achieving goals, making relationships work and finding a way to overcome the OCD itself. I think most people have it within them to go beyond what life has doled out to them. All it takes is a lot of determination and a refusal to back down.

Did Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder help you in some ways?

One consequence of being such an obsessive person is the inability to let things go. Sometimes this works against me and puts me in a lot of pain. But other times I would say it becomes the force driving me toward my goals. I also have thought, in light of Check Mates, that perhaps having the neurological conditions I have will be the very thing that helps me along in my career and life purpose. After all, if I weren’t coming at my writing from this angle, I’d be just another storyteller trying to get noticed amongst all the rest.

There is more information on this unique book in my blog post yesterday.

Be sure to follow Vrinda to her next Virtual Blog Tour stop on Thursday, April 29 th, hosted by Andrew Mondia at http://andrewmondia.com/andyinspire/ AND … don’t forget to sign up for the book launch reminder so you can buy ‘Check Mates’ and over 30 free personal development gifts on May 11,2010. Just go to http://conditionalpublications.com/pages/check-mates-launch.html

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